Phat Yaki Jupiter

Phat Yaki Single Jupiter
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About This Project

“…Phat Yaki provides a strong balance of smooth sounds and bone-crushing percussion.” – Shamine Wise


Jupiter is a beautiful love song about connecting with other beings in another galaxy. Both Alicat Records and Hidden Beach Recordings are super excited about its release!


“Five years ago now a cosmic affair occurred. It’s hard to put into words exactly what happened as it felt like a dream. Waking up in the woods with faint echoes of a tune bouncing around. A ring around your Jupiter can be different for everybody, a celestial contract, an other worldly union, a powerful affinity, or even a longing memory passing by on a solar wind. One thing is for certain it comes from an enduring and lasting love. The kind of tenderness and warmth people spend their whole lives searching for.” — Phat Yaki


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