Engaging Your Audience

For over 20 years, we have connected music with its unique audience and created a dedicated following.
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Music PR

OurGig is the ultimate partner to elevate your brand, captivate media interest, and engage new audiences with your music. We excel in partnering with musicians and record labels.

Social Media

Our team is expert at helping your social media and streaming ambitions soar. We will establish a strong connection with your target audience through an authentic promotion of your brand.

Playlists Promo

Professional expertise, as opposed to automated bots, is provided through this service, giving you the ability to access customized organic promotional services for both Spotify and Apple playlists.

Website Design

Our goal is to develop exceptional websites for musicians and labels, while maintaining a careful balance between creativity and practicality. With our website hosting, you can enjoy twice the speed at half the cost.

Album Artwork

Achieving an album artwork that conveys the spirit and frequency of your music is indispensable. We produce exclusive cover art which reinforces your identity and is specially prepared and designed for all music streaming services.

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