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Should I share publishing with a record label?

As a musician, it can be tempting to share publishing with a record label in exchange for the support they offer. After all, the promise of getting your music heard by more people can be very alluring. But is sharing publishing with a record label really worth it?

There are certainly benefits to partnering with a record label. For one thing, they have access to a much larger audience than most musicians could hope to reach on their own. They can also provide you with marketing and promotion support, help with booking gigs and tours, and other resources that can help you build your career.

However, there are also some potential downsides to consider. For one thing, when you share publishing with a record label, you’re giving up a portion of your rights to your music. This means that you’ll have less control over how your music is used, and you’ll also be entitled to a smaller share of the profits.

Another potential issue is that record labels often have a lot of influence over the creative direction of the music they release. This means that they may pressure you to create music that fits their mold, rather than allowing you to follow your own artistic vision.

So, should you share publishing with a record label? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you feel that the benefits outweigh the risks, then it may be worth pursuing a partnership with a record label. But if you value your creative independence and are concerned about giving up a portion of your rights, then you may want to consider exploring other options for getting your music out there.