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Jill Scott’s Hidden Beach Catalog has sold over 5 million albums and digital track sales in the US alone –and generated over 600 million US streams. BY POPULAR DEMAND brings together 11 of her most popular Hidden Beach songs and functions both as a primer for new fans and an essential playlist for her devoted audience.


In 2000, we made it our impassioned mission for the world to find out exactly who Jill Scott was and is––and OMG––did they ever. Hidden Beach Recordings is still proud and honored to have introduced the quintessential voice of Philadelphia Neo-Soul.


When Jill emerged onto the scene, Philadelphia was amidst a musical renaissance that spilled-over into every Black community around the country––and eventually––the world. With a voice so robust and confident, there was no denying Jill nor her messages of female and cultural empowerment.


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