Jessie Galante SPITFIRE

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About This Project

Originally released in 2009, double-platinum Executive Producer Larry Swist helmed production, and 9-time Grammy-winning mixer Mick Guzauski (Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Kiss, Madonna) performed the mix. “When we created this record it was all about creative adrenaline, energy, and having fun together,” Galante notes. “It was the best time I ever had working on a record. The amazing team that Larry put together made it possible.” Spitfire is an international production with globe-spanning production connecting New York, LA and Budapest.

Galante’s Spitfire album, hears her singing at the top of her game, deftly folding together the fierce beauty, charged strength, and graceful drama that only she can deliver. Backing her on several cuts such as “Spitfire,” the tough churning “High Road Easy,” and the tense puller “Crave It,” is an all-star backing band that includes drummer Frank Ferrer (Guns N’Roses, Psychedelic Furs), bassist Jack Daley (Joss Stone, Lenny Kravitz), and guitarist Rob Bailey (Anastacia, Jive Jones). Hungarian musicians luminary guitarist Janos Szucs, with bassist Tibor Ferenczi and guitarist Peter Raso are also on board.


Galante shares; “With the tragic debilitating loss of Larry and the heartbreak and loss that we’ve all been through by the events of the past year with COVID, I feel it’s a meaningful time to re-release this commemorative album. Re-mastered by Stefan Heger (mastered by Stef), Spitfire packs a punch. We all know music is therapeutic and healing and I believe Spitfire has that power. As an artist, I hope to help the world feel a little better!”