Promote Your Music

Promote Your Music

Our online music promoters give you a range of chances to broaden your brand’s horizons and draw in admirers to gigs, as well as streaming platforms for music and videos. We offer five distinct design and marketing strategies that have been tailored to your specific needs.

1. We provide a complete creative package, which includes custom-made digital album cover art tailored for iTunes, Spotify, and print advertising, along with logo design, tour merch, and apparel design.

2. Our custom music websites blend aesthetics and practicality, offering premium visuals, personalized designs, and powerful SEO optimization. OurGig.com boasts an elite team of specialists who can help you achieve success for your business and effectively target your desired demographic.

3. Our successful track record and numerous partnerships are evidence of our proficiency in the latest social media techniques. Our team is prepared to enhance your social media and streaming projects by establishing an authentic connection with your target audience, as well as amplifying your brand.

4. OurGig.com is the ultimate source for exclusive organic curation and influencer submissions to promote your music. We do not use automated bots; instead, all services are overseen and managed by professional human specialists. This ensures that your music reaches the widest possible audience.

5. As experts in advertising for record labels and agencies, we employ innovative marketing strategies and cutting-edge technology to showcase the latest tracks and hottest talent. Our dedication to enhancing your music brand and connecting with your audience is evident in our digital campaigns and street promotions.

— Release Management

— Artwork Design

— Website Development

— Social Media Marketing

— Playlist Promotion

— Advertising