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About This Project

Founded in 2008, Jazz Legacy Productions aims to preserve the legacies of renowned jazz musicians from all eras. Its founder, veteran bassist John Lee, has successfully released 20 albums to date, including masterpieces like Monty Alexander’s Uplift, Cyrus Chestnut’s Spirit and Journeys, Benny Green’s Source, and the Heath Brothers collaboration, Endurance. Jazz Legacy has already topped the charts with six Number One albums, and its trajectory suggests that it will continue to immortalize jazz through its seminal recordings. Among its upcoming releases are collaborations featuring Hank Jones and Steve Davis, Andy Scott and Cyrus Chestnut, and Antonio Hart, as well as an amazing live CD of the Jimmy Heath Big Band in 2013.

The mission of Jazz Legacy Productions is to build a new ground floor for jazz music, the original American Art form.  We believe jazz is at the core of the modern musical experience because it breaks down boundaries that limit its players’ success.  Security is vital for jazz to preserve its future growth.  Our goal is to utilize human talent,  digital media, technology and forward thinking to help keep this beloved musical genre in league with other popular music today for now and for the future.

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