Frank Moten

Frank Moten is an experienced consultant with a diverse skillset spanning creative, technical, and marketing industries. He has achieved significant success across multiple sectors, including finance, consumer goods, and entertainment. Frank has provided his expertise to small businesses and individuals with modest budgets, as well as fortune 500 and 100 companies with multimillion-dollar budgets.


Frank’s career began in government, managing networks and applications for courts, municipalities, and law enforcement. He then shifted his focus to advertising and consumer projects, including software development, computer operations, and supply chain management.


Frank’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged while working at Ernst & Young, where he joined an application services start-up. This experience inspired him to launch his own start-up,, which specialized in technology and marketing. Frank went on to found several other companies in the music and telecommunications industries.


Today, Frank leads, leveraging his creative and marketing skills to drive success in the music industry. He has initiated and nurtured numerous successful campaigns and initiatives, leaving a positive and lasting impact.


Furthermore, Frank serves as the Executive Director at Jazz Legacy Productions, a company that holds a special place in his heart, as it celebrates Jazz as the original American art form. Under his leadership, the company has achieved seven #1 albums.