Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketng for Music

Ourgig is here to handle all of your social network and streaming campaigns. Enhance your brand in a meaningful and genuine way to better connect with your audience. With proven results and top-performing collaborations, we use cutting-edge social media techniques custom-tailored to the numbers and exposure that your brand requires.


Social and streaming campaigns offer clients a great way to increase awareness, increase streams and grow their followers.  With us as your advocates, the sky is the limit.


— Instagram Engagement

— Facebook Marketing

— Streaming Optimization

— Spotify Promotion

— Apple Music Promotion

— YouTube Promotion

Monthly Packages from $295.00

Client Testimonial

“My utmost gratitude and highest recommendation goes to OurGig.  They rebuilt my website and produced a social media following of over 180k.  Their work has been tremendously valuable to me and I can’t thank them enough.”  – David Sanborn (6 time Grammy Winner)


How you present yourself is how people view you. The media and entertainment industry is a cutthroat game and the secret to making it is positioning. Let’s admit it, image is everything; especially in such a competitive field. It’s important to look good and catch the right people’s attention. is here to help you show off your inner shine. We offer professional photography services that will help you advance your career as an artist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a professional photographer and get the exposure you deserve at an affordable price!