Music Publicist


Music Publicist

Our unique music publicist service maximizes your brand’s potential  and includes event promotion, project marketing, and public relations. We offer a range of publicist packages with different hourly commitments for an affordable price. OURGIG  uses a combination of traditional PR/marketing strategy and more contemporary online tactics that help turn you into a strong competitor. Let us evolve your public image and reputation to what it deserves to be.


— Music Release Plan

— Press Releases (Add-on)

— New and Tradition Media

— Tour Support

— Image Development

OURGIG stays one step ahead in a constantly changing landscape, remaining adaptive through a unique blend of digital, traditional, and social platforms. Thanks to social media and an exponential growth in online communities, OURGIG is more connected than ever, internationally. Just a couple of clicks can help creatives make a difference in revolutionary ways, whether that’s through their art, a targeted message, or a song.